Strategy & Business Development

Building a business starts with a structured and well managed development and implementation of new ideas within an organization and successfully bringing them to the market. It involves the creation of a sound strategy comprising elements such as product and portfolio design, go-to-market strategy, and operational execution. Stravox assists in the review of business processes and steering the overall direction of the business in order to ensure success and efficiency. We help organizations with their set-up, and how to stay competitive and adapt to changing market conditions.

Success Stories



Business review und strategic alignment of consortium towards a sustainable business model of the Swiss leading digital healthcare platform.



Creation of the Swiss pioneer combatting food waste by re-selling baked goods "fresh from yesterday". Formation of a suitable organization and business processes leading to a financially self-sustaining company.



Business process reengineering of key division to accommodate novel ICT technology. Set-up of new business steering and operational excellence measures leading to a reduction of OPEX and CAPEX by 50%.



Leading the corporate wide digitalization strategy encompassing changes in organization, process, innovation, workplace, and business steering.