Financing & Tax Advisory

In this discipline we provide expert guidance and support to businesses and organizations to secure funding and grow their operations. 

One key aspect of financing advisory, is working closely with you to identify the most appropriate sources of funding for your needs and developing strategies to access those sources. This can involve providing guidance on deal structuring, including the negotiation of terms and conditions with investors and lenders as well as the creation of pitch decks to present investment opportunities to potential investors. 

Furthermore, we ensure compliance with tax and regulatory requirements by assisting clients with the preparation of financial statements and reports and providing guidance on relevant laws and regulations.

Success Stories

Nere Robotics / Bond


Leading several financing rounds from seed to B raising a total of $20+ million. Securing various SAFEs and (convertible) loans from international sources.



Assembling angel investors for the relaunch of the venture. Securing convertible bonds as bridge financing. Leading the preparation and execution of the financing deal (A round).



Setting up a record-breaking crowd-funding campaign raising CHF 500'000 within less than 24h.

Pro Juventute


Leading the fundraising team to record levels of income in the company's history. Designing and implementing the corresponding fundraising strategy, sales brochure, and account management.